Over the course of past ten years, we have had a number of interesting people at the TEDxLahore stage. We have dealt in some amazing ideas, some remarkable stories and some really astonishing tales of success as well as failure.
Every single one of these speakers had an idea about shaping the future, to improve it for the better and make their dreams come true.
Similarly, all of us had ideas for a better future as well.
So, this year instead of just looking forward, we will look back at how we used to look forward. Our speakers at TEDxLahore will talk about how their dreams and ideas have aged through the years. Whether they arrived at the futures they had imagined and have worked for over the years or have we as a society missed the targets they wanted us to attain.
This year, we come together in retrospect, for a collective understanding of our past and realize the fruits of all our Imagined Futures!